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Chicken Veggie Soup (GAPS, GF, Grain Free)


I made this for supper tonight and I got an “This soup is awesome, Mama!” from my four year old, so I thought I’d better share.


Chicken Veggie Soup (GAPS, GF, Grain Free)

6-8 cups of diced or chopped chicken (I had two small roasting birds that I roasted, took the meat off and added)

4 quarts of chicken broth (this is how I make mine – I use chicken carcasses from dinners-gone-by, with onion/carrot/celery)

8-10 large carrots, peeled and chopped

4 c. chopped celery including the leaves (I planted celery this year…alot of it.  I highly recommend it – best celery ever!)

3-4 big leeks, sliced

4-5 c. chopped bok choy

2 c. halved brussels sprouts

4-5 chopped onions

4 chopped cloves of garlic

sea salt to taste

I roasted the chickens for an hour and a half and they were done.  You can use whatever you want – boneless skinless chicken breasts, whole birds whatever.  I just went with what I had.  When thoroughly cooked, chop meat into bite sized pieces.

In a separate large pot – I sauteed the onions in some coconut oil – but just use whatever you’ve got on hand.  Except, heaven forbid, a “vegetable oil”.  Throw that stuff out.  Here’s a great article from a blog I just discovered tonight on just why you’d want to avoid soy like the plague.  Check out the Weston A. Price Foundation website, and Dr. Kaayla Daniel’s website for even more good info on soy.

Ok, I digress.  I just dislike soy so much I had to throw that in.  Sorry.  It won’t happen again, at least in this post.

Anyhow.  I added the broth and the rest of the veggies to the pot – except the bok choy and garlic.  Cook for about 20-25 minutes, add the bok choy and then cook another 5-10 minutes.  Add the meat at the very end so it doesn’t get tough and take your soup off the burner.  I also added my garlic at the end, so we could get the great benefits of raw garlic.  Add sea salt at the end, season to taste.

This makes a lot of soup…if you don’t want so much just half the recipe.  With all five of us on the GAPS Diet, we eat alot anyhow, and we will take the rest for lunch tomorrow.  There may be a little bit left for the weekend even…  🙂







Grain Free Uber-Veggie Meatloaf (GAPS, Paleo, GF, egg free option)


I have this in the oven right now.  I’ve thought about putting this on here for quite awhile and just never got around to it, so here goes. 🙂

Grain free Uber-Veggie Meatloaf (GAPS, Paleo, GF)

4 pounds of ground beef

4 eggs

sea salt (I admit I’m not too good about measuring.  I just shook a bunch in – I’d guess 1 T.  Anyhow you can always salt it more later if it needs it so that’s what I’d stick with for now.)

A whole bunch of veggies.  Don’t be shy.  I used 3 scallop squash, 1 onion, 3 celery stalks with greens, 4-5 cloves of garlic, 2+ fistfuls of greens (tatsoi, dandelion and turnip greens from my fall greens garden), 3 carrots of different colors (red, yellow, orange), 2 yellow peppers).  You really can do whatever you want with this – every time I make this I end up with different variations.  I have even added eggplant, tomatoes, and herbs like fresh parsley.  Be creative. 🙂   However, today, my food processor was full and I didn’t care to spend more time rooting around the garden in the rain.  Anyhow, this is what ours looked like:


Clean and chop your veggies, run through your food processor until they look like this.  I am lazy pressed for time, so therefore do not use the shred feature.  It all gets blended together anyhow. 🙂


Mix all that beautiful garden goodness into your meat in a large bowl.  Add your eggs and salt and mix well.  Grease a large Pyrex cake pan and pat the mixture down into the pan.  Bake 60-70 minutes at 350 degrees.

This isn’t the finished baked product but this is what it looked like before it went in the oven:


My kids love this.  It is one of the few reliable measures (except green smoothies, and my spaghetti sauce – which is coming soon in another post) that I can get greens into their diet.  I can’t even say I’m that sneaky about it – they know what’s in it – but would they sit down and eat a big plate of steamed tatsoi?  No.  Would they eat this meatloaf?  Happily.

If you have a child with egg allergies you can omit the eggs.  My daughter used to have egg allergies before she started on the GAPS Diet and now we don’t see any problems with them so we use them.  The recipe does work without them.

And if you’re a grain eater – add whatever you want as more binder. 🙂  It all works.

We are serving this tonight with these yummy celeriac hash browns from Home, Health and Happiness (one of my favorite GAPS blogs).  You can find celeriac pretty reliably at Whole Foods Market.


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Home Canned Red Hot Sauce (GAPS, GF)


This was a project from last weekend and it turned out good.  The motivation was to make this Buffalo Chicken Pasta dinner….YUM!

This recipe is adapted slightly from the Ball Blue Book canning guide.  I swapped out honey for sugar.  I was looking around online for a guide to canning with honey and found this.  Take a look at this if you would prefer to can with honey – sometimes you need to decrease liquid in some circumstances and it isn’t a “cup for cup” thing.


Red Hot Sauce (GAPS, GF)

2 quarts chopped, peeled, cored tomatoes (about 12 large)

1 1/2 cups chopped and seeded hot red peppers (about 24)

1 quart vinegar, divided (I used apple cider vinegar.  I will note that you should label read because on my first trip to the store, I ended up with apple cider flavored vinegar with lots of extra unwanted stuff in it.  Hence, the second trip back to the store.)

7/8 c. honey

1 T. salt

2 T. mixed pickling spices

Combine tomatoes, peppers and 2 cups vinegar in a large sauce pan.  Cook until tomatoes are soft.  Press through a sieve or food mill.  Add honey and salt, Tie spices in a spice bag and add to tomato mixture.  Cook about 30 minutes or until thick.  As mixture thickens, stir frequently to prevent sticking.  Add remaining 2 cups vinegar.  Cook until as thick as desired, about 30 minutes. Remove spice bag.  Ladel hot sauce into hot jars, leaving 1/4″ headspace.  Adjust two-piece caps.  Process 15 minutes in a boiling water canner.  Yield:  4 half pints.

If you’ve never canned before, I’d recommend that you get the Ball Blue Book.  It has a lot of good tips.  Just a couple of notes if you don’t have it on hand would be to boil your lids before use.  I have a magnet stick that I got with a canning kit to fish them out of the boiling water, and I wipe them dry.  Make sure you wipe the rim of the jars clean before putting the lids on.  I don’t have a fancy pan for canning, or even a canning rack.  I have a cheapy $5 Kmart enameled stock pot that works great.  Another tip – if you don’t have enough jars in it to safely pack it so stuff isn’t banging around – add pint jars filled with water to take up that room.  And make sure you hear the little “ding” from your jars sealing.  A sealed jar will have an indentation in the top.  If you don’t hear the “ding” or see the indentation, either put it in the fridge for more immediate use, or reprocess it for the recommended time.

I will add that I neither peeled nor seeded the tomatoes (I did seed the peppers), nor pressed it all through a sieve.  I had a lot of different projects going on at the same time, so I just cooked it down some (for awhile, like 30-45 minutes), took out the spice bag and used my immersion blender on it, and cooked it down some more.  Seeds do not bother us but if they bother you, take them out.  It also seemed like it took longer to cook than their directions say, but perhaps it’s because I made the recipe slightly bigger.   Just watch it carefully so it doesn’t burn, and stir often.

*****Just a reminder that it is always a good idea to wear rubber gloves when dealing with hot peppers, to avoid burning your hands (or eyes, lips, or whatever else you happen to touch!)*****

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