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Pickle Wrap Dip (Gluten Free)


I LOVE pickle wraps.  It’s been a appetizer that I’ve missed the past couple years since we’ve been on GAPS.  We’ve been cheatin’ dogs lately, so this recipe is not GAPS legal, but it sure is good.  I’m planning to crawl back on the grain free/sugar free wagon tomorrow…or maybe Thursday.  Yeah, Thursday.  For sure.

Pickle Wrap Dip (gluten free…and that’s about all)


2 8 oz pkg. cream cheese (I used Organic Valley)

1 package of Applegate ham lunch meat

8 medium sized dill pickles (I used Bubbies – a little probiotic effect and good for you 🙂  I’m not entirely misbehaving.)

1/2 tsp onion salt

Put the pickles and ham in a food processor and blend until it looks like you want.  Mine looked a little ham saladish.  I put it in a medium sized bowl with the cream cheese and onion salt, and beat it thoroughly with a mixer.  We are having ours with rice crackers. 🙂

Happy New Years!


Fluffy Frosting (GF, GAPS option)


We got done baking these awesome cutout cookies from the “A Girl Worth Saving” blog, and I whipped up frosting.  We liked the frosting so well, I thought I had better share the recipe.  Super duper easy.  P.S.  I give her cookie recipe a big thumbs up.  We tried some last year where the dough fell apart…not so good.  These rocked.

Fluffy Frosting (GF, GAPS Option)

1 c. palm shortening (I used Spectrum brand)

1/2 c. raw honey

1 t. vanilla

Beat all together until mixed well and fluffy.  We added non-toxic red and green food coloring from the Natural Candy Store.  Probably not exactly GAPS legal, so you can leave it out if you wish.  They have alot of other baking decorations too.

Frost your cookies, eat them up. 🙂


Merry Christmas everyone!