Space Saving Gardening Ideas


Having the ability to produce alot of food has become very important to us.  Food prices continue to rise and “healthy” eating becomes fiscally more difficult all the time.  And…there’s just nothing better than that window of a few months where you can go out and pick your own fresh greens, luscious tomatoes (better than the mealy store ones!), etc.  We love variety and I try to plant anywhere from 2-10 varieties of everything we plant just for the fun of it.

We live in town, and have limited space.  Last year we overhauled our backyard and were able to double the amount of garden area we had, which helped alot.   We other garden space outside our yard last year, and do not have it this year, so we were forced to be creative.  We came up with several ideas that I thought were worth sharing and so far they’ve been successful.

Delicata squash in a tomato cage:


Heirloom hidatsa shield beans on netting (we got it at Peaceful Valley Farm Supply):


Lots and lots of cabbages, planted closely.  I gave about a foot distance between them.  Ignore the weeds.


Melons and cucumbers growing up cattle panels.  We asked around and got most of ours for free, but you can get them at farm supply stores too. 🙂


Baby chanterais melon growing up a cattle panel:


Potted spaghetti squash with a tomato cage:


Raised beds with strawberry plants (again, ignore the weeds):


Herb pots are great – here is some spearmint:






Potato bags (I bought these from a friend at a rummage sale, but I think she got them at Gardener’s Supply originally.  You could also check eBay.):


Raised beds (we have 32 pepper plants of all varieties in 2 4×4 beds…and they are all doing great!):


Our very tiny Country Gentleman heirloom organic corn planted in some area by the alley that we tilled up late this spring.  We are hopeful. 🙂


Pie pumpkins on cattle panels out near the alley.  Planted late, but again…we’re hopeful.


This has been the most productive garden we’ve had, and I attribute alot of that to growing more things vertically than we ever have.   Be warned, it’s a process.  Every year we tweak it (keeping records is very helpful) and try to add on in some way.  I’m happy with our little plot in the alley, and even if nothing produces this year we’ll have it ready for next year.  Hope these ideas were helpful!


About earthmuffinmom

I am a Christian mom and wife who is watching and waiting impatiently for the Lord's return in a world that is getting nuttier by the day. My main interests are in the areas of Biblical end times/eschatology and early Genesis/creation. To understand the must understand the beginning! My other passion is health and healing! Our family has also been greatly blessed over the past several years with healing through natural health and diet (generally Paleo/grain free). I love sharing this information with other people, and helping folks in their healing journeys. That being said...I am not a I'm not responsible for any decisions you may make in regards to your own health. Other stuff: I am married to a wonderful man who I have had the privilege of having three beautiful children with. We have been married for over sixteen years. I work full time, but have the blessing of working from my home, and I homeschool my oldest child. We enjoy homesteading...and while we live in a small, rural town...we have worked hard to develop our yard into a "little bit of country in town"...complete with our "farm dog," Buddy, and five chickens. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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  1. Your garden looks wonderful! You get an “A” for creativity. I’ve never seen potato bags before. I will look forward to seeing how many potatoes are produced by this method. The alley garden is a great idea. I hope that you enjoy the fruits of your labor from that site too. Thanks for sharing!

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